Espresso £2.50

Macchiato (not a long milky drink!) £2.70

Americano Reg £2.50  Lg £3.00

Cappuccino Reg £2.90 Lg £3.40

Latté Reg £2.90  Lg £3.40

 Flat White £3.10

Mocha Reg £3.00  Lg £3.50

Spiced Bombay Chai Latté Reg £2.90 Lg £3.40

Iced Americano £3.00

Iced Latte £3.40

Iced Mocha £3.50

Extra Espresso Shot 50p /// Syrup Shot 50p

Milk alternatives available

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate Reg £2.60 Lg £3.20

Soft Drinks

Glass of Apple or Orange Juice £1.60

Kids Juice Carton £1.30

Coke, Diet Coke, San Pellegrino Sparkling Orange or Lemon, Still or Sparkling Mineral Water £1.90

Elderflower Pressé, Ginger Beer £2.50


Pot for One – £2.60, Pot for Two £4.50

Choose from:

Almond Chinese black leaf tea, with delicious sweet almond fragrances

Assam BOP (Broken Orange Pekoe) Black leaf tea with a strong, full bodied and rich malty flavour.

Assam Special Finest tippy golden flowery orange pekoe

Black Chai A pleasant strong flavour with intensity from aniseed, ginger & cinnamon

Blue Lady Ceylon OP blended with orange, papaya and pineapple with sunflower and calendula petals

Broadway Blend A smooth tea blend unique to Broadway. Black tea best enjoyed without milk.

Ceylon BOP (Broken Orange Pekoe) Dark small, neat leaf. Liquor has a good mix of flavour & punch

Ceylon OP (Orange Pekoe) A good neat large leaf tea. Rounded flavour with bright character

Chamomile Flowers Light & bright liquor, known for its calming effect

China Rose Keemun Best. Flavoured with fragrant rose petals. Soft & delicate flavour.

Cotswold Afternoon Assam, Darjeeling and Formosa blend. Wonderfully fragrant and refreshing

Darjeeling Organic The champagne of teas. Full bodied Darjeeling, deep amber liquor.

Decaffeinated Assam OP/English breakfast leaf. CO2 decaffeination. Rounded light flavour

Earl Grey Blend of Darjeeling & Keemun with Bergamot oil. Delicious and refreshing

Earl Grey Blue Lady Blue cornflower blossoms give this noble classic a touch of flair and aroma

Earl Grey Lavender House blend of our Earl Grey with blue lavender flowers to create a delicious, fragrant tea

Egyptian Spearmint Stimulating and refreshing, naturally caffeine free

English Breakfast Orthodox house blend from the finest Assam and Ceylon. Malty flavour. ‘Normal Tea’

Formosa Oolong Brown leaf Taiwanese tea. A light oxidation gives a unique rich character

Ginger Chinese black leaf tea blended with ginger root. Rich warming aroma

Green Sencha Anhui Province, China. Light, mellow, emerald green liquor. Sweet grassy aroma

Gunpowder Large green leaves are rolled into tight balls and dried immediately. Brew Lightly

Jasmine Finest green leaves lightly steamed and gently infused. Excellent digestive aid.

Keemun Chinese neat black leaf. Nutty character, fruity aroma. Good breakfast tea.

Lady Grey Blend of Keemun, Ceylon & lemon peel scented with Bergamot and lemon oil

Lapsang Souchong Smoked over pine wood fires, gives a full smoky campfire character. Brew lightly

Lavender Flowers Highest quality sweet smelling Lavender from France. Relaxes, eases stress

Lemon & Ginger A perfectly balanced aromatic blend of lemon & ginger, produces a refreshing, caffeine free liquor

Lemon & Lavender House blend with our lemon tea with lemon peel and French lavender flowers

Liquorice Deep rich flavour with liquorice aroma. Reputed immune system booster

Mango Indica China black leaf blended with mango fruit, natural oils and fragrant blossoms

Pai Mu Tan White Peony. A full bodied flavour and refreshing fragrance

Passionfruit & Orange Blend of fruit pieces and herbs makes this a delightful caffeine free sweet infusion

Peppermint Fresh flavour and aroma, a calming digestive aid

Red Berry Mix Red berries with hibiscus, rosehip, apple, orange peel.

Rooibos Excellent antioxidant properties, naturally caffeine free

Russian Caravan Oolong, Keemun & Lapsang Souchong blend. Aromatic, full bodied.

Rwanda Burundi Pekoe fannings. Bright liquor, malty.

Spice Imperial Chinese black leaf blended with orange & cloves. Warming ginger & cinnamon flavour

Summer Tea Black China tea base with mango, passionfruit, strawberry and apricot

Vanilla Neat black leaf scented with vanilla. Bright liquor with a light aroma and flavour

Wild Cherry A black tea with a light, sweet aroma with the calming flavour of cherry. Smooth aftertaste.

Winter Tea A delicious blend of spices and orange zest gives this tea a warming fruity character